(Chhattisgarh Vishesh Jan Suraksha Adhiniyam, 2005)

The draconian Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005, passed by the Chhattisgarh assembly in December 2005 and notified in March 2006, is a perfect example of legislation enacted in the garb of security and protection, leading to increased repression and suppression of peoples rights.

The CSPSA provides provisions that are far more draconian than any of the national security legislation and even authorises the police to detain a person for committing acts, which among other things, show a “tendency to pose an obstacle to the administration of law”. The act goes on to state that any person whose actions “encourage(s) the disobedience of the established law” will be considered “unlawful”.

Despite statements that the Act was meant to combat the growing Maoist threat, it is clear that this legislation is meant to suppress all political dissent in the state This is evident from the fact that Maoist groups were already banned under 2004 amendments to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.These fears were galvanized with the use of the Act against civil rights activists such as Dr. Binayak Sen.



5 Responses to “Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act”

  1. Chattisgarh government is worse than Fascist Italy and it is equal to Nazi Germany in oppressing people.

    1. subrata Says:

      Are You aware of the naxalite movement in India? Extraordinary situations need extraordinary laws. These Maoists are worse than the Taliban and Al-Quaida .

  2. […] Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 (CSPSA), under which  Dr.Binayak Sen has been arrested, allows the state to bypass many routine forms of […]

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  4. ADUNicholas Says:

    Zainteresowany samochodami na allegro ? Tutaj cos sie znajdzie na pewno Samochody Allegro

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