Campaign for Peace and Justice in Chhattisgarh

The Campaign for Peace and Justice in Chhattisgarh is a campaign group formed by individuals and organisations who are deeply concerned about the gross violation of human rights going on in Chhattisgarh in the name of fighting “internal terrorism”. We are extremely concerned by the violence unleashed by the state backed Salwa Judum which has pushed Chhattisgarh into a civil war situation and the repressive Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 which is being used to crush all voices of dissent in the state.

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7 Responses to “About CPJC”

  1. NS Chauhan Says:

    We fully support your campaign against the government sponsored Salwa Judum. In our opinion SJ is a device to supress the tribal people on the vary path of RKG Thomson applied in erstwhile Malaysia. No doubt, it was badly failed but it damaged the netizens of Malaysia. SJ has also divided the tribal people of Bastar. Many of them have fled away to Andhra to save their lives. This SJ people involved in Arson, murder and rape. Following the very way of strategic hamletting the feudal and powerbroker people are behind this SJ. This be immediately stopped otherwise the tribal culture and peace in Bastar will be tarnished.

    With revolutionary greetings,

    NS Chauhan
    Raipur (CG)

  2. Saadat Noor Says:

    I have worked in dantewada district as part of a developement organisation and have had an opportunity to witness the growth and rise of salwa judum camps very closely. in fact i have worked in all the judum camps on health and nutrition issues.
    Yes i do agree that the salwa judum campaign is leading towards a major disaster and complete erosion of indigenous culture namely tribal which is unique in many senses.
    the loss of lives on both the sides is a shame on our democracy and a blot on the civilised society we live in. The tribals are being taken to ransom by both the maoists and the government. for an innocent villager in dantewada it is a situation of either or. if you are not in any salwa judum camp then you are a naxalite and if you are in a camp then you are anti naxalite. in either situation the villager has no respite.
    houses have been burnt, grains destroyed lives lost and all economic activitiy has come to a stand still all in the name of fighting insurgency. people are scared, anxious, angry and very cofused about their present and future.
    But is Salwa judum a campaign against the growing influence of maoists in the area or is there something more than what meets the eye. I wonder if the whole movement is not part of a bigger game plan of displacing the villagers from their original land. since there is no direct ownership of the village land once these villagers move out from there the land becomes no ones property which in effect will be free for any industrial house to take over at the whim and fancy of a few in power. there will be no resistance and no rehabilitation issues involved as the villagers have already moved out and have been provided a house in any one of the judum camps which is eventually going to become permanent housing settlements like the one in gidam block.
    I think it is not just the salwa judum camps that need to be abolished and the movement stopped but for the long term benefit of the region any indiscriminate industrialisation or land grabbing needs to be stopped immidiately if we want to have the unique serenity, beauty and culture of bastar preserved.
    K. Saadat Noor
    Nigeria, Africa
    +234 703 473 4278

  3. robert1107 Says:

    Dear K Saadat Noor,

    I agree with all that you have written above but I think that more can be done if the correct laws in India are followed, the book named –

    The State of India’s Indigenous and Tribal People
    2007 – ISBN 81-902318-5-5

    and web site should also be a help. The constitution of India has laws to protect these people -scheduled tribes Act (366(25)) and article 342 of the constitution of India-recognition of the forest rights Act of 2006.

    robert wilson

    concerned citizen U.K.

  4. Rajesh Singh Sisodia Says:

    Dear K.Sadat Noor,
    You said that, “Yes i do agree that the salwa judum campaign is leading towards a major disaster and complete erosion of indigenous culture namely tribal which is unique in many senses.”
    But what about naxals who destroyed many totems, religious symbols and beat down many tribal and religious leaders.Why dont you speak of them? Did not they destroy our culture? First read about “Cultural revolution of Mao” then comment about cultural devastation by Salwa Judum.
    Major challenge Salwa Judum has to face is “Rescuing lives of thousands of tribals”

    1. Piyush Manush Says:

      The Major Challenge that salwa judum has to face MR.Rajesh Singh Sisodia is to evict each one of the tribal from the land that they have inhabited for centuries … Tata, Essar, Jindals, Mittals & the other rapists want them out & fast .. no red tapism is tolerated by the corporate bodies … come to your senses gentleman “saving lives – Bull shit ” …

      Speak Out – Salem,
      Tamil Nadu

  5. Ajoy Says:

    “Salwa Judum” Ye Rajneta / Adhikari ke kamai ka bahana hi – Adiwasi mar rahe hi aur ye unki laso ko cash kar apna bank ballance badha rahe hi.

  6. Santosh Munda Says:

    In modern war tactics it is quite effective to form group like Salwa Judum where insurgents are first split and used to make them fight against each other. This destabilise the insurgents like Naxals as group like Salwa Judum are fully aware of tactics and fundamental mode of planning. It is almost impossible by insurgents like Naxals to fight as there is no lack of funds.

    However it is important that as soon as the objective is appearing towards it objective this group need to be converted into other constructive work. It will be a tough job as some of them will persist with their power. However these elements are normally eliminated before life returns to normalcy.

    Currently there are concerns on damages done by Salma Judum. It is highly possible. This is a collateral damage which need to be taken into account as the other damage by the violence perperators (Naxals) will be too high.

    Government should speed up the support and may be as a Wave 2 should include special task force to wrap up this Naxal menace. It will be painful to watch fellow Indians killing fellow Indians but this is imperative for those who understands no language other than violence. Not to forget the root of the menace was growth and development that definitely need to be addressed as a priority. It will be really great if the insurgents can act wisely and actively use their energy towards constructive rather than destructive.

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